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About Tim

I love doing therapy with couples and families in Hendersonville! It felt like my calling from the first time I sat down with a couple and talked through the experiences they were having. I remembered feeling tremendous relief, because I had finally found work I could do that felt right. I'd tried a few different fields in the past, hotel management, eCommerce, and even solar paneling, but not one of them ever seemed rightmore like something I did just to put food on the table. But helping people learn to love each other makes me glad to be alive.

I have been working with couples, families, and individuals for four years as a therapist. During this time I have worked with those who have fallen out of love, who have hurt one another, and who struggle with depression, PTSD, and constant anxiety. I have been able to help these people through the work we've done.

When I do therapy I am able to connect with people in a manner that feels fulfilling and worthwhile. I strive to create an alliance with the people I work with, wherein I can learn to see their troubles as they see them, and help them find peace along with solutions.

I approach treatment from an philosophy of Experientialism, which asserts that we can best understand ourselves by examining the way we experience the different life situations we encounter. When we are presented with a situation, our minds shuffle through our mass of past experiences and determine how we ought to approach the new experience. Have you generally learned that people smile at you because they're kind and want to express kindness? Or have you found smiles to be a hook that people use to reel you in so you can be used? Your past experience will determine what you see behind a smile and will cause you to feel an emotional response. An emotional response that you cannot consciously control and that occurs before you even have time to think! This pattern of experience leading to emotion occurs practically every second of every day, almost entirely without our thinking about it. 

While working with me, we will examine your experiences and their associated feelings. We will investigate the associated feelings and will try to verbalize the unconscious response, thereby making the abstract thoughts that float around in our head more concrete, easier to understand, and easier to manage. 

If you'd like to learn more about my approach, you can read a paper that I've written on the subject here:

my approach to therapy

If, like most people, you'd just like to feel better, give me a call. I will help you sort out whatever troubles are keeping you from peace at present. 



Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (MFTA)

License #12084A