Grover Family Therapy

Family Counselor in Hendersonville, NC

Marriage Counseling and Relationship Therapy

The best relationships take work (and the worst relationships take more), but with a commitment to strive and grow together, I believe that any relationship can bring joy and fulfillment.

No one expects that it will be hard to live with the person you love the most in the world. The natural expectation is the exact opposite—that being together will be bliss! However, it often happens that the person who used to be the source of so much happiness and hope becomes our biggest source of stress, anger, and unhappiness.

I provide couples counseling for:

  • constant fighting

  • feeling happier when away from your partner

  • intentionally hurting each other's feelings

  • differences in desire for sex

  • hurt from past infidelity

  • feeling unable to forgive

  • differences in faith and religion

  • stonewalling, or refusing to communicate

  • and more

In my work as a marriage therapist and couples counselor I often focus on three important principles of enduring romantic love:

Feeling the things you need to feel

Every mind is unique, grown from a unique biology and a lifetime of experiences. As such, we each grow up with different needs and expectations that are wholly our own. As unique individuals we all have different needs and then somehow expect our partner's to be able to fulfill them! In our work, we will attempt to learn what you and your partner need from each other and how you can treat one and other in more satisfying ways.

Making fights less “fighty”

The fights that we engage in with our partners hurt, causing wounds that can fester and rot our relationships. What's worse, even if you can get along well between fights, every new one seems to rip open the same old scars so that you never seem to heal completely. Learning new ways to fight, such as leading with emotion, externalizing the problem, and blunting the spear, can help you to disagree in productive ways that will build rather than tear down your relationship.  

Find a sex life that fits you

Sex is different for everyone and it can be pretty rough when you and your partner's sexual expectations don't match up. Even in relationships that are otherwise solid, in the bedroom, feelings can get hurt, boundaries of comfort can be crossed, and needs can go unmet. None of which is conducive to a fulfilling and comfortable relationship. Repairing broken sexual relationships takes time and patience, but it can be done.